Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to college.
Three subjects to learn.
1. Organisation & Human Resource
2. English for Business
3. Tamadun Islam
And, Ah gor , you didnt tell me. Will talk to you soon. :)
Happy Valentine's to my friends and all lovebirds!
P/s: Tomorrow is public holiday. One day off. Yeappie.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This is basically what our family did every year.
We'll have reunion dinner together, meet up and chit-chat with laughthers,
play a little, create jokes and of course, GAMBLING.
It's the time for us to gather and share our happiness.
See? There's so much on the table.

Steamboat session at Uncle's Yong place. It's great!

Yee Sang with family :D

Erina, Jeff's Japanese gf with three of us.

Apple and I (notice our headband? :D )

I headed back to my hometown the next day. I'm happy to see both my grandparents are still healthy to walk around in the house, saying Gong Hei Fat Choi with all of us. I had my second reunion dinner with them. Same smile,same faces, same laughthers.
Same thing. All of us shared our stories together in a small living room. I could feel prosperity in this little room.
I went back to KL on Sunday. Another welcome-back dinner for my cousin, Jeffrey, at Tycoon Restaurant. He's matured and fair. Good for him. :)
With loves,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I finished Now and Forever by Danielle Steel. It specifically tells us the perfect love.
This is a poem he wrote for her while he was in jail,

You are the explosive celebration of my sunbursts every morning,
You are the whisper in my late late nights,
You are the symphony in my sunsets,
You are the splendour and glory of the dawning of my life.

And now,I continue the next book " 我们的遗憾来自於相爱时间的错过"- 橘子.
Enjoy my reading at home :)

With loves,

Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 is a new year for me.

And now,
Im fighting for my exam.
Good luck to all tarcian and ME, myself.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I had wonderful and awesome days with my friends.We had our own steamboat session at Candy's place. We went Tesco and grab the ingredients for our dinner. They wanted to get chicken cube for the soup, we know that it's not healthy to drink the chicken cube soup. I called my mum and it's better to cook the soup using ikan bilis and potatoes. Hahaha, finally, we managed to cook the soup, its yummy and the tomyam soup, its not very spicy at first, but then we added the chilli paste for curry. So its spicy and SOUR after that. We couldn't finished the wu dong mee because we were full. Too many fish balls in our stomach. Meat balls were nice. =) Next, we had karaoke session at Candy's place too. Its been very long time I never sing at Candy's place.Its great singing with Valerie and Candy again. Love you all! =3

Sunway Pyramid + Pyramid Tower Hotel

2 days 1 night there. I didnt go for Sunway Lagoon, only my dad and brothers. I bought one sandal and one heels from Charles & Keith. SALES! SALES everywhere people. Go grab it to be yours.

Will update the photos once I get them. XD

P/S: I'll let my laptop sleep for a month.I need to facebook and prepare for exam, no FACEBOOK and BLOG for me til my exam is over. I need to study.STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!

with loves,

Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's December again! I didn't realized the time flew darn fast this year. It's like "pooff" =.= I still remembered i just finished my SPM examinations in the school hall, last year December.Hang out with my lovely friends, went makan-makan and celebrated Christmas eve and New year eve together.I miss all of you so badly. Although I didnt look like IMY so much, deep inside my heart said YES, IMY!

Last New Year Eve, we went The Curve and hang around at Friday's, drank Heineken as that's the only drinks provided by them. We ordered like five or six bottles of Heineken. Dang dang dang! Before that, we were at McD waiting for Henry and the gang. McD was so crowded,OMG, everyone was playing with the snowy spray thingy. Beh tahan, plus alot of them danced like crazy people out there.I still remembered Candy's drunk face.Haha.She was so funny and cute with the red apple face. XD She insisted to drive us back home, but we scared and worried about her. You know what? Drunk people never say they are drunk. Believe it, and it's true.

I'm so sorry that I cant join you guys this coming New Year celebration because I have to go Cameron highlands with my family. Dont worry, Im still be with you during Christmas eve, Im coming.Wahaha, especially Candy and Puiting, i miss you two soo much. Gonna take lots of photos that day. Whee~ My baobei jean isnt here with us, she's at Uk now. Dont know when she comes back?

Valerie! Im going to see you tomorrow.

I broke my promise to celebrate my college friend's birthday whose birthday falls on the same day with Christmas. I didnt mean to do it. I wish to stay overnight at Wanxin's place and have steamboat together, play with you guys, 738. Once again, sorry. =(

Left two more weeks for me to prepare my final exam.I didnt have much confident on my final this semester. Theres many facts need to memorize like the information of organisation and management, and introduction to technology system. Fundamentals of Accounting and macroeconomics is ok for me. I can handle both of this subjects. I have to work hard these two weeks.I wanna get CGPA 4.o, not less than 3.75 either.

P/S: Good luck to all my friends who have exams in January.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I went to cut my hair today. Actually I didnt want to buy the ticket from them, I do not trust on new hair stylist. I bought it as for charity purpose and it's only cost RM10.You can request for any haircut you want with the RM10. Seriously, theres lots of people in the college hall. I waited for almost an hour til my turn. I got no.803. Need to sit there and wait, while waiting, theres a model called Ming, she's also a famous blogger. She came by and shared her experiences and played games with the audience.

There were about 20 hair stylists from A CUT ABOVE Academy.

P/S: They were quite good in hair cutting, I'll go A CUT ABOVE next time. I will. XD